Facts of the Month

College Pricing Trends

The College Board recently released its annual report on the trends in college pricing. According to the 2006 report, tuition at four-year public colleges increased 6.3% in academic year 2006-2007, the smallest annual increase in the past five years. The cost of attending a four-year private college increased 5.9% this year, and tuition & fees at two-year public colleges increased by 4.1%. In dollar terms, this translates to an average increase of $344 at four-year public colleges for a tuition and fee total of $5,836/year; an increase of $1,238 at four-year private colleges for a total of $22,218/year; and a $90 increase at two-year colleges for a tuition & fee total of $2,272. (It is important to note that these are increases in the published costs of attendance and not the actual net costs paid by students.)

Publication Date: November 2006