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College Degree Correlation with Household Income

In 2006 a student who turned 24 and came from a family with an income in the top quartile of all family incomes, was seven times more likely to have received a Bachelor's degree than a student who came from a family in the bottom quartile of family incomes. Here are the figures by quartile:

                                                           Completed Degree 
                                                           By Age 24 in 2006

Bottom Quartile                                           10.2%
(Less than $38,660)

Second Quartile                                           17.9%
($38,660 to $67,100)

Third Quartile                                              28.7%
($67,100 to $105,800)

Top Quartile                                                72.3%
($105,800 and up)

Source: Postsecondary Education Opportunity, June 2008


Publication Date: September 2008