Facts of the Month

Decrease in Indiana State Grant Maximum Award

June 30 the Indiana legislature passed a new two-year budget. Unlike most areas in the budget that saw cuts, funding for the state grant program increased by 6.5%. However,  the number of students filing Free Applications for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) increased 24%. The State Student Assistance Commission of Indiana (SSACI) was forced to reduce the cap for state grants by 31% at both public and private colleges. The maximum state grant for students attending an Indiana public university dropped from $6,096 to $4,206 and the top grant at a private college dropped from $10,992 to $7,584. Some colleges will try to make up part or all of the difference in state grants and others will not. Returning and new first-year students would be wise to contact their college or university immediately if they have not heard from them about what they will do to help with the cuts.

Publication Date: August 2009