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Twenty-First Century Scholars Update

Attention All Indiana 21st Century Scholars (And Those Who Work With Them)!!!

While high school seniors that are 21st Century Scholars can delay using the scholarship for one year, we have just learned that if a graduating high school senior does NOT file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) THIS academic year before the March 10 deadline, even though the student is not planning to attend college this coming academic year, the student will lose the scholarship forever!

What follows is from a Twenty-first Century Scholars Central Office newsletter on Friday, January 13 (yes, Friday the 13th):

"Students will not receive their 21st Century Scholarship if they do not file their FAFSA during their senior year of high school. 

"Students will lose their scholarship if they do not file a FAFSA every year even if they are not attending college.

"Students will not be eligible for any state aid for the year that they do not complete a FAFSA.  This also applies to filing a late FAFSA.  However, they will still be eligible to receive state aid (such as Frank O'Bannon) should they file their FAFSA the following year on time with no errors."


Publication Date: February 2012