Facts of the Month

Attention Twenty-first Century Scholars!!

2017 Indiana high school seniors are the first 21st Century Scholars group required to complete the Scholar Success Program, consisting of 12 college and career readiness activities. Scholars who do not complete all required activities by June 30 of the senior year will not receive their scholarship! In a recent opinion piece in the IndyStar (January 29, 2017), Teresa Lubbers, Indiana’s Commissioner for Higher Education, reported that “To date, 84 percent of senior Scholars have Scholar Track accounts to track their activity progress, but only 27 have completed all 12 activities…” Also, to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) before the state of Indiana’s filing deadline of midnight March 10, 2017 to secure a state grant, Twenty-first Century or otherwise, go to www.fafsa.gov (not .com!!) Call us at the National Center for College Costs at (877) 687-7291 or email us at info@collegecosts.com if we can help further in some way.

Publication Date: February 2017