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Hoosier 50 Hot Jobs

With thanks to the Indiana Youth Institute for calling this to our attention, here are the latest projections on the “Hoosier 50 Hot Jobs” list. We like the diversity in terms of the potential income and the amount of education needed. Here are some of them with the job’s rank on the Top 50 list and the amount of education required for each:

#1 Physician & Surgeon (lots of education!)
#2 Registered Nurse (2 years)
#4 Dental Hygienist (2 years)
#7 Plumber (Apprenticeship)
#8 Pharmacist (lots of education)
#12 Construction Supervisor (high school diploma)
#15 Graphic Designer (4 years)
#17 Truck Driver (high school diploma)
#22 Electrician (Apprenticeship)
#23 Construction Superintendent (2 years)
See, it’s not all about four-year degrees like some students think. To see the full list, go

Publication Date: August 2014