Facts of the Month

Opportunities for 21st Century Scholars

For eligible Indiana students, the Twenty-First Century Scholarship can be a very important (and valuable) tool for making college affordable. It guarantees tuition at public in-state colleges for participating students (and a comparable amount at private colleges). Several colleges and universities around the state also kick in additional institutional dollars for these students when they attend their schools. Indiana University recently announced it is adding a significant new scholarship for Scholars called the Twenty-First Century Scholar Covenant. The covenant program will add on to the state grant to cover books and room and board, creating essentially a full-ride scholarship for 21st Century scholars. (If you are a Scholar, be sure to do your research to find out what kinds of opportunities, like this one, may be available to you when the time comes at the colleges you are considering!)

(Source: Indianapolis Star 4 November 2006)

Publication Date: December 2006