Facts of the Month

States Importing the Most Out-of-state Students

In 2006, 18.3 percent of first-time college freshmen who recently graduated from high school left their home state to start college.  In fact, each year for the last two decades about one freshman in five starts college in another state. However, when the data is broken down by state, Indiana comes out in the top 3 as an importer of more students than they export to other states.  Some feel this student-generated feedback measures the attractiveness of a state's colleges and universities.

    The Winners   The Losers             
1   Pennsylvania   New Jersey
2   North Carolina   Illinois
3   Indiana   Texas
4   Massachusetts   Maryland
5   District of Columbia   Connecticut
6   Florida   Minnesota
7   Rhode Island   California
8   Arizona   Washington
9   Alabama   Hawaii
10   Iowa   Alaska

Source:  Postsecondary Education Opportunity, July 2008

Publication Date: October 2008