Facts of the Month

Increased 21st Century Scholar Eligibility

A recent 2007 edition of Postsecondary Education Opportunity highlighted Indiana's growth in Free and Reduced Lunch participation between 1995 and 2005. In fact, Indiana posted the largest growth of any state during this period, jumping from 26.3% participation by Indiana students in 1995 to 39.7% in 2005. While these figures are disturbing and need attention on many levels, there is some silver lining - these figures suggest a greater percentage of students than ever are potentially eligible to participate in the State's Twenty-First Century Scholars program which guarantees tuition at a public in-state college (and a comparable amount at a private college) to eligible students who fulfill the program requirements. Eligible 7th and 8th grade students must sign up by June 30. For more information on this program, visit the Scholars website.

Publication Date: May 2007