Facts of the Month

Filing the FAFSA pays in more ways than one!

"Results show that after controlling for background characteristics and college experience variables, students who filed a FAFSA have 72% higher odds of persisting (in college) than their peers who do not file. The effect of filing a FAFSA was even more significant among lower-income Pell Grant eligible students, as these filers have 122% higher odds of persisting compared to their peers who do not file a FAFSA. These results emphasize the critical need for targeted public policies and institutional practices aimed at increasing FAFSA completion rates."

From: McKinney, L. & Novak, H. (2011). The Consequences of Leaving money on the Table: Examining Persistence among Students Who Do Not File a FAFSA. Journal of Student Financial Aid, 41(3)

For information on the National Center for College Costs' FAFSA Filing Days, please visit: http://www.collegecosts.com/nccc/our-impact/fyi 

Publication Date: August 2012