Facts of the Month

When it comes to federal Pell Grants and grants from the state of Indiana, did you know that…

To qualify for a federal Pell Grant the student currently must have an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) under the federal formula of $5,486 or less; almost all federal Pell Grant recipients have parent Adjusted Gross Incomes under $60,000. If you have a zero EFC, the current maximum Pell Grant is $6,095.

The Expected Family Contribution (EFC) cutoff for a possible grant from the state of Indiana is $9,000 at a private Indiana college; $4,500 at an Indiana four-year public university; and $3,500 at Ivy Tech or a proprietary school.

In other words, other than a $5,500 federal student loan, first-year students with EFC’s above those levels are on their own to pay for college, unless the colleges to which they have applied and been accepted have scholarships or grants to offer.



Publication Date: September 2018