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What has been the toughest month of the year here? April! Please have a Plan B!

The phone rang last April. On the other end was a mom whose daughter had been accepted the previous fall at the four-year public university of choice. For months she had been telling her classmates, family and friends that this was where she was going to college.

The financial aid award letter had just arrived. All there was in it was the standard first-year federal student loan of $5,500. Nothing else. And this family couldn’t afford the roughly $18,000 remaining cost…just for the first year of college. This was a very good student, but the question was, who would still take an application for admission and have financial aid available in April? We only had a couple of local, affordable options we could talk about. They were very different from her preferred college option.

So what happens when you get denied admission to your dream school, or where you have been admitted but the finances don’t work for you and your family? You need to have Plan B already in hand! We ALWAYS want to be sure one of our client students has been admitted to a college that the student knows will fit academically, socially and financially.

If you would like our help finding affordable college options, go to our website Complete our College Costs Estimator; print out our report and give us a call. We will be SURE you have a Plan B in place ahead of time.


Publication Date: January 2017