Monthly Features

Need a Crystal Ball?

May is a transitional month. As the season springs into action, students and families need to act as well. Many families are wishing for a crystal ball right now. We cannot offer a crystal ball, but we have some suggestions for you to consider.  

For seniors, have a post-graduation plan. You should be making your college selection, if you have not already done so. Finalize your selection with a deposit so you can be contacted by the school to be assigned an academic advisor and put your course schedule in place. You should have received your financial award letter. See the cash flow sheet in our February newsletter Feature Article to work through the numbers to see your real financial bottom line. Know how you are going to pay for your education. Secure your housing, if you are not planning on living at home.  

For juniors, be securing your standardized tests scores. We recommend that you take the SAT/ACT at least twice. With many colleges and scholarships having early fall deadlines, you need to have your scores secured by the start of your senior year so get signed up now! Have your list of colleges narrowed and make college visits to those campuses. Seek out anticipated college application and scholarship deadlines. Put those on your calendars so you do not miss them.  

For sophomores and freshmen, take a good look at your class schedules.  Make sure you are challenging yourself appropriately and are taking the needed courses to be accepted to the colleges that interest you.  Work with your guidance counselor to have a 4-year plan so you can forecast the classes that you will need to take.  It is important to make time for extra-curricular and community organizations as well as local service projects.  These will insure well-rounded college and scholarship applications for your senior year.  Record what activities you are doing now so you have a document to reference in the future.  You don’t want to forget anything!  

As a whole, finish the school year strong.  Continue to be good a good-decision maker. Wise choices now, make for wise college students and employees of the future! No crystal ball needed. . .

Publication Date: May 2017