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Parents who did not file a tax return in 2016 and their child is filing the FAFSA

Some of our client parents are living off of incomes that don’t require them to file a tax return. Unfortunately they are going to have to get a letter from the IRS, confirming they are non-filers, or the student will not receive her or his financial aid. (Dependent Students will not have to get a similar letter if they were non-filers in 2016.)

There may be hope, it is called Veri-Tax. We talked with Jennie Coy in DePauw University’s Financial Aid Office across town from our office. Given their consumer-centric approach to their work, here’s what Jennie had to say: “The cost is $12 for each transaction. Certainly we only use the service when the family is experiencing issues with their request. The Veri-Tax Customer Service number is (800) 969-5100.” Use this service if you need to get a letter.

Publication Date: October 2017