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Do you know an Indiana student finishing the 7th or 8th grade? Let’s talk.

If you are the parent, grandparent, teacher, friend, coach, mentor or youth pastor of students finishing the 7th or 8th grade, please help those students complete the application for the Twenty-first Century Scholarship. The deadline is fast approaching on Thursday, June 30? Did you know this state of Indiana grant could potentially provide up to full tuition and fees to any accredited Indiana public university or an additional state grant to a private institution? Unfortunately many students fail to apply and potentially lose out on thousands of dollars that would have helped pay for college.   

Go to There you will find additional information about the Twenty-first Century Scholarship. This website includes the citizenship requirements, household income information, a student pledge, and most importantly, the APPLICATION. There is no cost to apply for the scholarship. Don’t let this opportunity slip away from any student you know finishing the 7th or 8th grade.  


Publication Date: June 2016