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Attention SAT test takers! The new SAT is here!

The March 5, 2016 testing date marks the beginning of the new SAT and here is what you need to know.

The SAT wanted to create a test with more practical application and curricular ties to what students are learning in school. They wanted to make the information tested more relevant, which works in the favor of the test takers!

So what can you expect to see? All new test prep through Khan Academy, partnered through CollegeBoard that provides free online test prep for anyone. Taking advantage of new test prep will help students prepare for the new test content:

  • New essay prompts: Prep materials will not give students the essay question ahead of time, but they will have access to more consistent study and prep materials. Essay prompts will task students to read a passage and explain the author’s use of persuasion.
  • Evidence focused reading: Students will be tasked with identifying text within passages to support their answers.
  • New vocabulary: The SAT is moving away from arbitrary definitions and will now focus on utilizing curriculum appropriate words and how they are defined based on context.
  • Graphs and charts: The SAT will now consist of more questions that challenge students to infer answers from graphed/charted information.
  • Relevant Texts: Texts referenced in the test will now be relevant to what students are learning in school and have stronger curricular ties.

The test is also reverting to its previous scoring structure, totaling 1600 points as opposed to the current 2400. Evidence based reading and writing will make up 800 possible points, and Math will make up the remaining 800 points. The essay portion will now be optional and scored separately. 

Test takers can definitely expect changes in the new SAT, but they can expect changes that are going to work in their favor. They will be assessed on relevant topics that more accurately measure their academic abilities through curricular focused texts and questions.


Publication Date: March 2016