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FAFSA, FAFSA, FAFSA – Where do you turn for help?

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be completed by every student to be considered for federal or state grants and federal loans. In the state of Indiana it must be completed by March 10.  Families who have not completed their tax returns by March 10 are encouraged to complete the FAFSA using financial estimates.  The FAFSA must be corrected by Indiana families before May 15 or you will miss out on any financial aid through the State of Indiana you may have been eligible for, including the Twenty-first Century Scholarship.   Many institutions also require the completion of a FAFSA to award institutional financial aid.  There are just over 100 questions on the FAFSA.  The questions range from very simple (name, address, email, etc.) to financial questions which can be found on a tax return and W-2. 

The National Center for College Costs will be conducting FAFSA days at several Indiana high schools or county locations.  These FAFSA days are free for participants thanks to local sponsors. 

What help will be provided at the FAFSA Days?

  • The computer lab will be available for families to complete the FAFSA
  • Staff and volunteers will be available to answer questions such as:
  1. What qualifies a student as a Dependent Student (parent financial information required)? What qualifies a student as an Independent Student (no parent information required)?
  2. Do I need to report my child support?  What about untaxed social security?
  3. Do I report a 529 as a student or parent asset?  What about my 401K?
  4. There are no “wrong questions to ask”, staff will be available to help all participants.
  • All families who complete a FAFSA or have completed a FAFSA beforehand are encouraged to talk with a consultant about the results.  What financial aid is my student eligible for?  What colleges can my family afford?

Make sure to check the online calendar,  for the location, date and times of any FAFSA Days in your area.


Publication Date: February 2016