Scholarship Screening Service

The National Center for College Costs offers foundations and other scholarship providers an online Scholarship Screening Service that enables them to systematically determine which applicants really need their assistance the most. We do this through the financial need analysis of individual applicants and the creation of customized applicant reports. By outsourcing the financial need analysis, scholarship providers eliminate the internal processing of sensitive financial information and simplify an often confusing aspect of applicant assessments. The NCCC staff also is available for consultation.


"Thanks to the National Center for College Costs' scholarship screening service, we no longer have to try to gather relevant financial details on our own. It is like adding another staff member as they efficiently and effectively complement our work. They have brought objectivity to what has been an all too subjective portion of the scholarship selection process." C.W. "Bud" Walther, President and CEO, Community Foundation of Jackson County, Seymour, IN

What This Service Can Do For You

  • Simplify the foundation's decision-making process
  • Reduce the time required to make scholarship decisions
  • Verify the accuracy of the information provided by families
  • Provide accurate financial aid eligibility estimates so you know who really needs your need-based scholarships, especially in tough economic times where every dollar counts
  • Maximize the confidentiality of family financial information
  • Provide consulting to scholarship decision-makers about what we see in the financial aid circumstances of any applicant of interest to them
  • Provide families with detailed reporting that explains financial aid eligibility
  • Provide ongoing free help to any applicant family about college selection, admissions, and financial aid

"I loved this online report this year! It was easy to use and gave me the flexibility to sort the information I needed. I could go back to the reports if I needed to review them again and sort them in a different way. Overall, it was a great asset to our selection process and has proven to be an invaluable tool." Katie E. Braswell, Vice President, Hamilton Community Foundation, Hamilton, OH

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How It Works

  • Web-based College Costs Estimator will be completed online by students via the new statewide Indiana College Costs Estimator.
  • Point-in-time roster of Estimator filers in each scholarship screening project so the foundation can monitor submissions
  • Customized need-based scholarship screening report designed by the foundation in consultation with the National Center for College Costs
  • Directory of financial aid terms and definitions to aid in training and decision-making
  • State and Pell grants are auto-calculated for users and foundations based upon current methodology
  • Has an online historical database of scholarship screening reports
  • Upon request, NCCC provides consultations with scholarship decision-makers
  • Families receive individualized reports via email or mail, or in person if a College Costs Estimator workshop is also part of the contract.
  • Ongoing free support to applicants and their family (phone, e-mail, fax, Ask the Expert sessions, etc.) even if the contract is not renewed in a subsequent year.
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Want a Free Estimate?

Contact the National Center for College Costs today to learn how the Scholarship Screening Service can help your organization award your scholarships to those who most need the assistance!

"In Grant County, the National Center for College Costs has been a corner piece in our transformative scholarship selection puzzle. The data they provide to us via their College Costs Estimator (CCE) product has affected our scholarship process monumentally. Not only do we now select different student recipients than before, we also vary the scholarship amount based on solid data...specifically, our use of the CCE has opened our eyes to what was once a blind scholarship selection process." Dawn Brown, Executive Director, Community Foundation of Grant County

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